change by changing context

2013 November 22

(gino facilitates mini workshop–  ‘change by changing context’– at great basin food cooperative in reno, nevada)


we gathered at the great basin food cooperative in reno to consider how to accelerate change by changing context…

context?…  imagine ‘environment’ … ‘background’… ‘situation’… ‘events’… ‘landscape’… ‘ideological framework’…

any force outside of our ‘self’ that compels, motivates, steers… and fates us to do the things we do… Continue reading “change by changing context” »

recently ...

why a signal mirror matters

i visted black rock desert this past weekend… got stuck on the playa on my first day there…

i was 30 miles away from a paved road, and 45 miles away from gerlach, the gateway into black rock desert… Continue reading “why a signal mirror matters” »

without my doing

an eagle circles above me without my doing

my eyes open in the morning without my doing Continue reading “without my doing” »

ecology of leadership workshops and ‘impact’ outreach


(closing ceremony for the ecology of leadership workshop at borges ranch *)

hello my wild brothers and sisters…

we’ve been busy kicking off the first of animate edu’s workshops, creating next year’s new programs and curriculum, and partnering with mission-aligned businesses through animated speaking engagements… Continue reading “ecology of leadership workshops and ‘impact’ outreach” »

the wild self launches animate edu

you have been a follower of the wild self over the years

i want to thank you for that and welcome you to animate edu Continue reading “the wild self launches animate edu” »

impact investing – building community via real estate investment