what are you most scared of?

2011 May 7
by gino dante borges, ph.d

‘ralph waldo emerson taught me that when faced with two decisions to pick the one you are most scared to do… if you pick the choice of least resistance, you postpone the inevitable message that is intended for you and you riddle your life with needless anxiety and stress… though initially awkward, digging into discomfort is the way to authentic, spiritual prosperity… this is the way of the wild self lifestyle’ — gino dante borges, ph.d.

like ralph waldo emerson? want to know more about emerson? or contribute your thoughts about emerson?… consider joining us to celebrate ralph waldo emerson’s 208th birthday on wednesday, may 25, 2011… we will have a lively 45 minute teleconference… see link below for registration…


celebrating ralph waldo emerson’s 208th birthday–a ‘wild self’ teleconference… wednesday, may 25, 2011 – 5:00pm pt / 8:00pm et






the month of may will be a wild month with an array of ‘wild self’ teleconferences… consider joining us for these lively and thought-provoking discussions…


descriptions of the teleconferences and registratation links are provided below… there is currently no charge for these 45 minute teleconferences…

how to be an effective emcee (master of ceremonies)– a ‘wild self’ teleconference… tuesday, may 17, 2011 – 11:00am pt / 2:00pm et



how to hold onto your vision even in the midst of doubt — a ‘wild self’ teleconference… tuesday, may 17, 2011 – 12:15pm pt / 3:15pm et



a special prize ($350 value) will be awarded to the wild selfer who registers the most friends for the may teleconferences (one prize awarded)….feel free to share the registration links on your facebook wall or on your web site…

what people are saying about ‘wild self’ teleconferences:

“Hello Gino. I just wanted to say thank you for the tele-conference last week. As I embark on a major life change, our discussion about holding on to self trust, even in the midst of doubt or others negative statements, has raised my level of conscious awareness around this topic. I really appreciated the interactive nature of the call and it greatly aided in the learning!” — Tommy Faricy in Portland, OR


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