‘wild self’ yoga quest – day retreat

2010 August 13

download pdf flyer for ‘wild self’ yoga quest: WildSelf_RetreatFlyer_8.5x11_v4

journey into the mystery of your wild origins…

no office… no cell phones… no watches… no comfortable chairs… no television re-runs… no boredom… no distress… no facebook updates… no late-night email checks… just movement and a willingness to be moved…

combining yoga with tribal drumming and primal meditation, in a natural environment, you will not only deepen and broaden your yoga practice, you will also come into deeper contact with the self that longs to feel alive, everyday…

you will learn how to fuse nature and body as sources of creative insight and discover how play and child-like curiosity evokes your ‘wild self’…

there will be time to spend alone in nature, time to listen deeply within, time to be together as a group, and time to share stories in community…

whether you are a novice to yoga or have many years of experience, the ‘wild self’ yoga quest will give you a unique foundation for self-discovery and personal transformation

experience how others have been impacted by ‘wild self’ quests….



saturday, october 23rd, 2010
8 am – 4 pm in marin county, ca

early registration before 9/15:
$125 per person

regular registration 9/16 and after:

to register:

call 888.466.4820 or email
lightandright@thewildself.com or
allison hodge@allisonhodgeyoga.com

* tuition includes a post-quest, one-on-one phone coaching session in support of integrating the ‘wild self’ yoga quest into your daily life…


your personal guides on the quest:

gino dante borges, ph.d is the founder of the wild self… a cutting-edge wellness company that helps people feel light and right through the creative interaction of body, nature, and expressive arts… he divides his time between san francisco and the high desert of northern nevada…

allison hodge teaches vinyasa yoga classes at international orange in san francisco as well as private and group instructions throughout the city… harmonizing a challenging flow class with yoga philosophy, breath and alignment awareness, and a light-hearted approach, she encourages students to discover their authentic self as a means for attaining inner peace… www.allisonhodgeyoga.com


experience how others have been impacted by ‘wild self’ quests….

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